Fund Raising

We help open those initial doors

What Do We Do?

It starts with following the process to introductions

1. Database

We go through Preqin's database of investors and filter for those who would be potentially interested in your fund. We then agree whose in scope given that you probably already have a network

2. Strategy

We then formulate a strategy with you to contact all those on the list over a certain time frame. That might be 2 weeks or 2 months depending on your fundraising timetable and how many investors.

3. Introductions

We then contact investors on the list. This might be by phone, email, through their Investment Consultant or completing standard forms.

4. Follow-ups

Once we have made the introductions via email or arranged a call, it is up to you to send fund documentation and present. After all, you know your fund better than us.

Why Us, Not a placement agent




A Placement Agent will typically charge 2%-2.5% on funds raised. We charge considerably less at up to 1% of funds raised by us. If you are raising $500m then it could cost you approx. $3m for what is a glorified roledex.

No Help With Drafting Marketing Materials

We are not going to help you to draft marketing materials, PPMs or help you prepare for pitches with investors.

Market Breadth

We do not have any preferred investors or specialities in geography so we will introduce your fund to a wide audience. This will result in follow-ups with potential investors you had not considered including the growing Multi-Family Office market.

We Won't Attend Investor Meetings

We are pretty sure you can do this yourself and so we won't go with you to investor meetings.

We Work For You

Because we work for you and it is your fundraise, there are no exclusivity agreements or tails. You can raise funds outside of our list or inside the list and you only pay our fee as agreed in advance.

No Interfering With How You Set Terms

We are not going to advise you on how to set market terms or conditions for your fund. It's not for us or some agent to tell you what to charge

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